NEW YORK CITY, October 1, 2010 – With the popularity of Taiwanese cuisine on the rise, the availability of Taiwan’s national beer on the east coast is greeted with nostalgic cheer and curious palates.

Debuting at the Asian Feastival several weeks ago, over 800 New Yorkers tasted Taiwan Beer for the first time.

“I’ve never seen this anywhere outside of Taiwan,” one festival goer exclaims, “and it tastes just like I remembered it back home!”

Brewed with all local ingredients from the water to the native ponlai rice, Taiwan Beer yields a unique fresh flavor revered by the locals for over 80 years. Taiwan Beer has the characteristics of an easy drinking and accessible beer- a golden lager, light, crisp and goes down smooth with a flavorful meal.

The Taiwan Beer Festival is held every summer at the Taiwan Beer brewery near the Wujih station of the Taiwan High Speed Rail and has become an icon of Taiwanese culture. There’s also a Taiwan Beer Garden brewpub serving freshly brewed beer in Taipei, but if you can’t make it to the festival or Taipei for the fresh draft beer, finding it in a bottle or can abroad is the closest thing to it.

Taiwan Beer was first produced in 1922 and is currently brewed by the privately owned Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation (TTL). It is imported by SSC International, Inc. and is distributed in the eastern US by Paleewong Trading Co.

Taiwan Beer is available immediately at select retailers and restaurants in New York City, Virginia and North Carolina. Taiwan Beer will also soon be available in MA, CT, NJ, DC, MD, SC, and the rest of the eastern seaboard.


Taiwan Beer debuted at the Asian Feastival over the holiday weekend, and here’s the local press with their recap here.

boozing at the booth

Getting to the root of things means making a wine for it…for Kenny Likitprakong at least. His line of Banyan Wines are made with grapes meticulously grown and picked for not only Thai food in mind, but his background as well.

“My father’s been working at a winery since before I was born,” says Kenny in Hyphen Magazine’s latest cover story on “Asian American trailblazers”.

After you read that story you might be inspired to get some of Kenny’s wines here.

Kenny climbing barrels

Want more on Kenny? Here’s an in depth shout out  from Muddy Roots Magazine. The interviewer probes him on his affinity for skateboarding and wine making and how he mends them together.

go Kenny go!

BeerLao Greg Mishka

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We be hustling some Beerlao at Whole Foods on Houston St. Check out the entire slide show here, and have a peek at our little slot below


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This indie film opens on June 12th in NYC with a few grandiose opening parties featuring the cast and crew drinking even more than they are in the movie! Look out for it, and note the Singha’s in hand!

This is probably the first movie with people drinking Singha that doesn’t have a plot line relating back to Thailand. If you know otherwise, tell us!

See the synopsis and pretty pictures here.


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or CRAP as they’re calling it! come see Family Guy art on June 5th at Toy Tokyo down on 2nd Ave and 7th St. We’ll be slinging out Singha Beers while they last!

someone said there was supposed to be Simpsons and Futurama art too, but only time will tell…

Singha Beer and Lonely Planet
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