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Beerlao will be here to get sexy nerds drunk! Hosted by the Asian American Writers Workshop, we’re happy to lubricate any sticky fingers at this fundraiser for the Page Turner event series happening this weekend.

From the Asian American Writers workshop site:

Featuring drinks, music, dancing and guest appearances by Tao Lin, Richard Price, Lorraine Adams, Nami Mun, Karan Mahajan, and others.
Saturday, November 6, 8-11pm
Chambers Fine Arts, 522 West 19th Street, NY, NY
$40 entry / $60 for two

Pt_sn2 Sorry, pal. If you’re a writer or if you’re Asian American, odds are you were once a nerd. Don’t be ashamed–you’re all grown-up now and besides, thanks to Andre 3000, Tina Fey, and Google, nerd chic is in. So, throw on your most festive attire and stumble over to the swankiest Asian Art gallery in New York, where we’ll have drinks and dancing. You can support your favorite nonprofit by gazing shyly at the cute red-haired girl across the room, getting drunk in the presence of writers like Tao Lin, Richard Price, Lorraine Adams, Nami Mun, and Karan Mahajan, and dance awkwardly in the corner with your favorite sexy nerd. Featuring jazz legend Fred Ho as musical guest. You bring the sexy, we’ll bring the nerd. Admission comes with free sexy nerd glasses.


Taiwan Beer debuted at the Asian Feastival over the holiday weekend, and here’s the local press with their recap here.

boozing at the booth

BeerLao Greg Mishka

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We be hustling some Beerlao at Whole Foods on Houston St. Check out the entire slide show here, and have a peek at our little slot below


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or CRAP as they’re calling it! come see Family Guy art on June 5th at Toy Tokyo down on 2nd Ave and 7th St. We’ll be slinging out Singha Beers while they last!

someone said there was supposed to be Simpsons and Futurama art too, but only time will tell…

Singha Beer and Lonely Planet
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Give us your wittiest and most convincing review of a favorite bar in the world. It can be the fanciest bar where they DHL fresh oysters from France ever morning or the dirtiest of dives where the bartender refills your scotch after you throw up behind the counter. We’ll read ’em all. Whatever your literary style, the one that holds our attention span the longest will win a 10k USD voucher to blow traveling around the globe.

Write it here. Then drink it here.

Singha Loud! is here again for the last installment of 2008. Same rock place, same rock time.

Singha Loud! presents: The Demands at 9.30pm and Get Bent at 11pm w/ DJ Hiromu all night!

Free Show!
Wednesday, December 10th 2008, Doors 9pm
@ Public Assembly
70 N. 6th St (btw Wythe and Kent St)

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Singha Beer Special $3 til 10pm!

Singha Beer Special $3 til 10pm!

Marc Ecko, Run Athletics along with Toy Tokyo team up to celebrate 25 years of the Hollis crew – made famous by Run DMC! Rub elbows with Marc Ecko himself, Rev Run, Russell Simmons and who knows who else. just be there, and drink some Singhas!

This event will be held on
December 11th, 2008, 6pm – 10pm
@ the Marc Ecko Showroom

40 W. 23rd St, 3rd Fl.
New York, NY 10010

complimentary Singha Beer from 6pm to 10pm

complimentary Singha Beer from 6pm to 10pm